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Jason Wynn – Content Director

Immersed in the world of Microsoft technologies, Jason Wynn stands as a beacon of expertise in the United Kingdom’s tech landscape. As the Content Director at Jollie.us, he brings a rich tapestry of experience, woven from over two decades of dedication to Microsoft Intelligent Communications, including Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. His insights have earned him the prestigious title of 7-time Microsoft 365 Apps & Services MVP.

Jason’s journey with Microsoft is not just a career; it’s a passion that’s encoded in his very DNA. His pioneering work with Microsoft Copilot since its inception showcases his commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. Beyond his professional endeavours, Jason is the driving force behind the Microsoft Cloud User Group in London and Birmingham, where he channels his passion for knowledge-sharing and community-building.

His mission extends beyond the industry’s boundaries, reaching out to enlighten and inspire those yet to discover the transformative power of Microsoft’s suite of tools. Jason Wynn is not just a director; he’s a visionary, a community leader, and an unwavering advocate for the potential of intelligent communication to shape the future.

Hollie Wynn – Financial Director

With over 15 years of unwavering dedication in the Finance industry, Hollie Wynn is the driving force behind Jollie.us’s financial success. Armed with a BA (Hons) degree in Financial Services, she seamlessly orchestrates the intricate dance of numbers, ensuring that every financial heartbeat aligns with the company’s vision.

But Hollie is more than just a numbers wizard. She’s the architect of fiscal harmony, deftly balancing day-to-day accounting, marketing strategies, and social media campaigns. Her spreadsheets hum with purpose, and her financial acumen is sharper than a tailor-made suit.

Yet, her talents extend beyond the ledger. Hollie is a supermom, raising five brilliant children alongside her partner, Jason. Their three Border Collies – Scout, Red and Peggy, keep her on her toes, reminding her that life isn’t just about balance sheets—it’s about chasing dreams and wagging tails.

And when she’s not crunching numbers, Hollie works as a Customer Service Administrator at a Legal firm. Her commitment to excellence knows no bounds; she’s the one who ensures that every client’s needs are met, every meeting is flawlessly arranged.

So, whether you’re seeking financial advice or simply want to chat about the latest market trends, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hollie. She’s not just a Finance Director; she’s your financial compass, guiding you toward prosperity with a smile that could light up Wall Street.

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